Lost or Damaged Materials

Lost Items

Items are considered “lost” if not returned within 45 days. Borrowers are charged the actual cost for the item plus a $25 non-refundable processing fee for the 1st item and a $10 fee for each additional item.

Damaged Items

Borrowers are responsible for returning books and other items in good condition and will be assessed fees for damages. Types of damage for which a borrower will be charged include, but are not limited to, water damage, pen/pencil marks, torn/ripped pages and/or covers, scratched DVDs, missing parts of a multi-part item. If the Public Services Librarian determines that the damaged item needs replacement, charges will be the same as if the item has been lost.

Borrowers who wish to check out items that are already damaged and the damage has not been noted on the item record, should show the damage to the Circulation Desk staff. The staff will make a note in the item record and not hold the borrower responsible when the item is returned.

If the actual cost cannot be determined default replacement rates are as follows:

  • Hardcover Book: $ 50.00
  • Paperback book: $ 25.00
  • Reference Book: $150.00
  • Reserve Textbook: $150.00
  • Laptop Computer: $800.00
  • Graphing Calculator: $100.00
  • DVD: $100.00
  • Video: $100.00
  • Software: $100.00
  • Photocopy: $ 10.00
  • CD $ 50.00
  • Government Documents Book: $25.00
  • Government Document Pamphlet: $10.00
  • Government Document CD Rom (Software) & CD's: $50.00
  • Government Document Map: $10.00
  • Government Document 3D Object: $10.00

Claims Returned” Policy

HCC Library extends a one-time privilege to borrowers of claiming that they have returned materials that the circulation system indicates are still checked out to them.

“Claims returned” means that a borrower has indicated that he/she has returned an item that the computerized circulation system indicates is still on their account.


  • If borrowers indicate, by phone or in person, that they have returned items that the computerized circulation system indicates are still checked out to them, the Library staff will search the shelves for the items. This may include contacting HCPL.
  • Items found by staff are discharged from the borrower's record and no fines are charged.
  • Items not found will be marked “claims returned” by the library staff on the borrower’s record.
  • Items marked “claims returned” remain on the borrower’s record. Borrower may have one “claimed returned” item on their record and maintain borrowing privileges.
  • “Claims returned” status is removed from the borrower’s record only if the item is located and returned by the borrower or found by Library staff.
  • The library maintains, as a part of the borrower's record, the number of items a borrower has claimed to return.
  • If a borrower finds an item previously claimed as returned, the item should be returned. For the first instance of returning “claimed returned” items, overdue fines and replacement charges will be waived by Library staff.
  • Library staff will search for “claimed returned” items for 45 days. Items that are overdue or missing for more than 45 days are considered “lost” at that time and borrower then becomes liable for replacement costs and processing fees. Items located by staff within 45 days are removed from the borrower’s record. If a borrower finds and returns a “claims returned” item within 45 days, no fines will be charged for the first instance. For the second and any other times that the borrower claims to have returned items, fines will be charged as appropriate.
  • After 45 days, borrowers are charged the replacement cost of the item and a $25 non-refundable processing fee for the 1st item and $10 + cost per item for an additional lost items. These costs will be waived the first time a borrower claims to have returned items, but not thereafter.