Just as the Library is the physical and historical center of Harford Community College's campus and the intellectual portal to our world, the College Archives are the center of our College’s institutional memory and a guide to its past. The role of the College Archives is to select, arrange, preserve, and provide access to materials of historical value concerning the development and growth of Harford Community College. This includes, but is not limited to, administrative publications and papers; student materials and publications; photograph collections; and official publications such as handbooks, course catalogs, and yearbooks. Archivists carefully follow rigorous standards to select materials appropriate to the mission of the Archives.

Harford Community College has a trifold mission to foster lifelong learning, to provide career and workforce development, and to promote social and cultural enrichment. The College's Archives serve as a resource for the local community, as well as for alumni, students, faculty, staff, administrators, and outside researchers.