Customized Contract Training for Employers

Innovative, Responsive, Guaranteed Results

Any Course. Any Time. Any Location.

Harford Community College offers training when and where it makes the most sense for your organization - on site, on campus, or at one of the College's many state-of-the-art classrooms and computer labs throughout Harford County. Ask any of our clients. The successful results of our workforce development training programs will be evident in each of their stories.

Choosing Harford Community College as your training partner guarantees you have an experienced team committed to the expanding needs of your workforce. For over 50 years Harford Community College has provided quality education and training for local and regional organizations. 

Want to increase job satisfaction and the bottom line?

Harford Community College can help you do it. We work with you to provide your employees with quality workforce development training that is convenient, competitively priced, and responsive to the unique needs of your organization. Research shows that increasing employee efficiency, productivity, and knowledge is not only good for business, it's good for your bottom line.

Make HCC an integral part of your training team. Contact us today to see how we can help your company or organization.

For more information about Harford Community College contract training, contact Victor Cyran at or Pam Karwowski at

Employers: Harford Community College offers customized training to meet the needs of your business.

**We can design training for the specific needs of your organization at one of our facilities, or at your location. We are now also a partner with the Maryland WorkSmart program, utilizing the strengths of the Maryland Community College Network. Contact us about what your needs are, and we can develop a training program to support you!**

Any Course. Any Time. Any Location.